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Find a specific User ID

Find a specific user's ID or profile

To find a single user's ID, you can use Leanplum's custom segments in the Users dashboard to filter down all of your users.

For example, to find your own User ID and add yourself to an A/B test:

  1. Open your app on your device
  2. In the Users dashboard, apply the following segments using the Add Segment dropdown:
    • Timing > Session start in user's timezone > is since 2 minutes ago
    • Localization > City > your city
    • Technology > Device model > your device

This will show all users that have logged in recently in your city on your model of device. If you need to narrow it down further, you can add more specific segment criteria.

Once you find the user profile you are looking for, you can add that user to a specific A/B test using the variant bubbles at the bottom of the user profile page.

Look up a User, Device, or Push Token

If you already have a user's ID or push token, you can search for a specific user profile by inputting their exact user ID, device ID, or push token. Note that the lookup user function is case-sensitive.

Find a specific User ID

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