Geofence triggers

A geofence is a custom geographical region that you specify. Triggering your campaign by geofence means the user will receive the campaign the moment they enter (or exit) a geofence region.


Works with push and in-app messages

Make sure the first action in your campaign is a push notification or in-app message — otherwise you won't be able to trigger the campaign by geofence.

Use geofence triggers

To use geofence triggering in Leanplum:

  1. First, ensure you have location services set up in your app.
  2. When setting up your campaign, go to the Delivery step and select Triggered delivery. Select User enters custom region or User exits custom region as your trigger.
  3. Now specify your region — click "Region" and select a predefined region from the dropdown. Or, to create a new region, go to "Custom Regions" under "Data Control" in the navigation.

Learn more about managing Custom Regions.


iOS limits the number of locations that an app can save to 20, however, our SDK manages this for you by only storing the nearest 20 locations to each user's device at any given time. This way, you can have more than 20 locations saved in Leanplum, but your users will only have the 20 most relevant to them (i.e. the closest).


Locally triggered push notifications do not work with our Quiet hours feature. This is because the send is controlled by the local trigger, and not Leanplum's servers.

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