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How to reduce shopping cart abandonment

In this example, we send a follow-up push notification to users who added items to their shopping cart but did not complete their purchase within 1 day.

  1. Go to the Campaigns tab of the dashboard. Click Create Campaign and name the campaign. For example: “Shopping cart abandonment push.”
  2. Choose Push Notification as the message type.
  3. Under Audience, select “All Users.”
  4. For Delivery, select Triggered. Specify the trigger to be User triggers event. Define the event that will trigger the message (for example, “Add to Cart”).
  5. Set the message to Deliver 1 day optimal time after the user triggers this campaign.
  6. Add an Exit event (e.g. “Checkout"). The exit event prevents message delivery to users who purchase within the 1-day window between "Add to Cart" and "Send Message".
  7. Customize the message text.
  8. Start the campaign via the button in the upper right corner to set the messages live.

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How to reduce shopping cart abandonment

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