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Look up and filter user information

Finding and filtering users in the Users tab

You can search for a specific user or filter your users in the Users page. Once you’ve filtered a list of users, you can download the list as a CSV, view these users in Analytics, create a campaign for all matching users, or add these users to an A/B test.

Look up user or device

To look up a specific user, you can search by User ID, Device ID, or push token with the Find User tool.

Segment users

You can use the same Add Segment menu found throughout Leanplum to create a segment and view a list of matching users.

See [Segmentation options](https://docs.leanplum.com/v2/docs/segmentation-options) for details about filtering users.

See Segmentation options for details about filtering users.

Once you select a filter or segment, you'll see the number of users in that group, along with a list of some of the users in the segment. To see all the users in your segment, you can download a CSV of all matching users.

Matching users list

Each row in the user list shows the User ID, Last Devices Used, and Last Active time for a matching user. A DEV icon next to a user's profile indicates that this user is a developer device (note that this is different from a registered test device).

Filter users that are part of an A/B test

By changing the top-level filter from All users to any A/B (or Holdback) test, you will be able to work on only that specific audience. This also enables you to export a list of users, together with their A/B test ID and variant ID. See how to download a CSV of matching users.

Download a CSV or analyze in analytics

You can also Download a CSV matching users, or Analyze matching users in Analytics using the buttons at the bottom of the Users page. Just create any filter or segment using the Add Segment dropdown to reveal the buttons.

View a user profile

The User Profile (right) contains metadata about the user, their device, their user attributes, and their event and message milestones within your app.

Click a user from the list to view their profile on the right half of the screen.

Or, to view it in fullscreen, click the pop-out icon . This opens the user's profile in a new tab, allowing you to bookmark or forward the profile link.

See User profile for more info.

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Look up and filter user information

Finding and filtering users in the Users tab

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