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Saved segments

After you create a segment, you can save it for easy access around the dashboard. This can save a lot of time with very complex segments, or segments that you tend to use often.

Save a segment / target phrase

After you Build your segment, click the Save dropdown, then click "Save segment as..." to name your saved segment.

You can also save a Target this way from inside the message composer.

You can also save a Target this way from inside the message composer.

Make sure you create a unique and memorable name for your segment. Important: Creating a segment with the same exact name as another segment will overwrite the first segment, which can affect the ongoing messages and tests.

View contents of a saved segment

Go to the User's tab and select Contents of from the Add Segment dropdown — then select the saved segment you want to see. This contents of the segment should show up in the filter/target phrase of the User's page.

From here, you can add, edit, or remove segment criteria.

Edit a saved segment

The best way to edit a Saved segment (and to be sure you aren't overwriting the wrong one) is to view the details in the Users tab first, then make changes.

  1. View details of the Segment in the Users Dashboard or Composer (see "Contents of" above).
  2. Add new segment rules or edit the existing ones.
  3. Click the dropdown next to the Save icon.
  1. Select “Save segment as...”
  2. Enter the original name of the Saved segment you are editing to overwrite that segment with your new changes.

Remember: Overwriting or changing a Saved segment will affect any ongoing campaign that is using that segment. To prevent changes from affecting active campaigns, save new segments with a completely new name.

Be careful not to overwrite or delete a segment being used by active messages, tests, or other campaigns.

Delete a segment

From the Users Dashboard, create any filter from the Add Segment dropdown to bring up the Save icon.

Click the Save dropdown > Hover over “Delete saved segment” to see all segments, then select the segment you want to delete.

Create advanced targets with saved segments

Saving segments can help you build complex targets quickly from anywhere in Leanplum.

Let’s use the following example to illustrate the process of saving segments for complex targets. We want to create some Saved segments in the Message Composer to send a quick message to two groups of users:

  • “OS name is iOS” AND “App Version is 1.0,” and
  • “OS name is Android OS” AND “App Version is 2.0”

For the first group, we need to select Technology > OS Name from the dropdown and choose "iOS." Click the plus sign to add another criterion, then click Technology > App Version from the dropdown and enter "1.0".

Finally, click Save > “Save segment as...” to save this segment. We'll name it "iOS v1.0" so it's clear who we're targeting.

Next, we follow the same steps for the Android segment, choosing “Android OS” and App version “2.0.” Let’s name this segment “Android v2.0.”

Before saving, be sure to remove the previously-saved segment from your Target phrase. If you don’t, the new Saved Segment will include the first Saved Segment in its logic.

Using your Saved segments

Now that we've made our two segments, we can select one from the All Users dropdown. Hover over "Saved segment" then select the segment you created.

For example, to target both of the segments we created in the example above, just add both of your Saved segments to a new target phrase: “iOS v1.0” OR “Android v2.0.” Note that we used “OR” so that our Target will include users that match either segment.

Using "Not saved segment"

You can exclude users from your target with the "Not saved segment" feature. This will target all users except the ones in the saved segment you choose.

For the advanced target example above, we could select our "Android v2.0" Segment from the Not saved segment option in the Add segment/All Users dropdown. This will target all users not using Android OS on App Version 2.0.

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Saved segments

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