Create a message

How to create, copy, and delete messages

From the Messaging tab

To create a new message, go to your Messaging Overview and click the Create Message button. You'll be taken to the Message Composer where you can name and customize your message.

For guidance on composing a new message, read Choosing a message type.

Copy a message

You also have the option to copy an existing message rather than creating from scratch. Open the message you'd like to copy in the Message Composer. Click the More Options button in the upper right corner and choose "copy" from the dropdown menu. Rename the new message and customize it.

If you have multiple apps connected to Leanplum, you can choose to copy the message to any app.

Note that the new copied message will not send until you set your delivery settings and hit start/schedule, even if the original message was already live.


Delete a message

Open the message you want to delete in the Message Composer, then click the More Options button and select "delete" from the dropdown menu.


Add a message to an A/B test

There are two ways to add a message to an A/B test:

  1. Go to the A/B Tests dashboard, click the blue Create A/B Test button, and compose your default and variant messages.
  2. Go to the Messaging dashboard, create the message, then click More Options and select "Add to A/B test" from the dropdown menu.

For more details on this, head over to A/B testing a message.

Add a message to a Lifecycle Campaign

There are two ways to add a message to a Lifecycle Campaign:

  1. From the Messaging dashboard, click the blue Create Campaign button. From here you can build as many messages as you want inside the Lifecycle Campaign.
  2. After you've created a message, click More Options of the Composer page and select "Move to Lifecycle Campaign" from the drop-down menu.

Note that only triggered emails and push notifications can be converted into Lifecycle Campaigns. Read Lifecycle Campaigns and regular messages for more info.